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B2 for Linux!

So even though we haven’t been updating, we definitely have been working! And one of the biggest things we’ve done is upgrade our development engine to GameMaker:Studio.

It’s gonna help with a lot of things, especially speed. There is actually quite a lot going on in Barkley 2 and the new engine will make a lot of systems run hecka faster.

Also! GM:S allows us to export the game in a variety of different formats, so we are announcing that Barkley 2 is going to be available on Ubuntu Linux as well as PC and Mac AT LAUNCH.

Everyone who pledged at any time in our Kickstarter campaign will be able to opt for the Ubuntu build. All three will be available to you. (NOTE: we say Ubuntu because that is the only OS that is officially supported by GameMaker but chances are it runs with most Linux OSes. Also, if you are running Linux you should probably know how to get it running on your own, so stop whining.)

We know you guys and gals want more info about the game, and we promise it’s coming! We want to not only keep you guys updated but also really knock your socks off with the content we’ve been adding. We’re right on the verge of dropping some serious vidcon knowledge.

Semper Games,


Posted 10 years ago