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Tales of Game’s Vidcon Pack

Available exclusively through the Barkley 2 Kickstarter for the next few days only, Tales of Game’s presents the Tales of Game’s Vidcon Pack.

With 20+ games in genres ranging from action, to puzzle, to text-adventure, the Vidcon Pack features a mix of fully-realized meaty games and several unique, experimental projects. In order to give you a taste, here are three original, never-before released games polished and prepared especially for you by Francis Coulombe and Chef Boyardee in the Vidcon Pack.


Explore the murky depths of the ocean in search of mysterious treasure with your meager, under-equipped crew of cool animal divers. Avoid jellyfish and other underwater jerks, watch for your air and get that treasure back to the surface! Hire more crew and buy more equipment with what you find down there.

Initially made for a Poppenkast competition back in 2010, the theme was "animals", and the game had to be made in 5 hours or less. Frankie ended up spending more than a day on it and spent a lot of extra time this month polishing it up and adding new levels. It’s a whole new adventure now!


You are stuck in a bizarre world where money seems to literally control everything. Jumping, firing your weapon and taking damage all drain the hard-earned cash you’ve been collecting. Your very life seems to hang in the balance sheet. Worse, you can feel your assets slowly losing value as time passes here. Grotesque monsters prowl every corridor, seemingly driven mad by the strange rules of this world.
Can you escape this hell hole with both your mind and wallet intact?

The Vidcon pack features an early 2009 version of Recession made for a Poppenkast jam with the theme "Money" and was made in around 4 hours. After the competition, Frankie worked on the game for years, turning it into a much more ambitious project. Both feel like very different games despite featuring the same core ruleset. The updated version of the game features a gigantic soundtrack by Chef Boyardee, with over 40 songs.


Piloting a powerful battlemech, you approach the castle of Dr.Murdon. He must be stopped! But the evil man has a plan. He turns the entire population of the nearby village into aggressive monsters to block your way. They cannot be saved, they are not human, not anymore...

Non-Human is a fast paced shooter that pits you against hordes of ravenous mutant creatures. You are rewarded for careful, deliberate yet fast play: build your "combo" ratio by methodically slaying everything on your path without taking damage to get a multiplier on your score. Score allows you to upgrade your war machine as you make your advance deeper into Dr. Murdon’s territory.

The game was created for a special TIGSource event where developers reimagined games from the infamous, awful NES multi-game cart "Action 52". Frankie picked game n.27, "Non Human", as his starting point to make his entry. It is barely recognizable however, as it ended up becoming a new game with a weird design inspiration rather than a proper remake. You have to know where to look to find the original!

20+ Additional Games

These side-scrolling marvels are only a glimpse at the variety of games included. The Vidcon Pack comes with a friendly game launcher as well as each individual game packaged for you to use as you please, completely DRM free. Who can say what untold easter eggs lie in wait?

Barkley 1, RPG Maker!

In celebration of the Vidcon Pack we’re also releasing the original, never-before released RPG Maker version of Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden, Chapter 1 of the Hoopz Barkley SaGa by popular demand. Before it was ported to Game Maker, Barkley 1 was completed in its entirety in RPG Maker 2003. There are significant differences not just in quality, but in content. The RPG Maker version of Barkley 1 promises a new, oppressively ugly and clunky perspective on the original game.

Note: RPG Maker 2003 and RTP required. Unfortunately we cannot provide support for this version of the game.

Download Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden: Don Miguel Edition here.
(Or if you value the poor, overworked ToG servers, download it via Mediafire instead.)

This Vidcon pack has undergone a rigorous evaluation process and has earned the highest distinction our technicians have ever charted: this solid digital-gold game package is Certified 100% *Very Rare*.

Order the Vidcon Pack now; help support the development of Barkley 2 and net yourself a stack of great games! Available on the Barkley 2 Kickstarter page, or our website.

Posted 11 years ago