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We’re ready for S.U.M.M.E.R. and showing it in style.



Check out Cyberdwarf as he heads out to the beach for Memorial Day weekend. He’s newly single, always sassy, and ready to tan his tuchus on those hot sandy dunes. Look out ladies, dwarfs, and WNBA notables, this cyber-tiger is on the prowl. Meow.


Hug’s and Kisse’s

Where’s my change?

2 much FuN!

It’s hard to drown when he’s so good at floating your boat.

Posted 10 years ago

Give the site new life!

Alright, it’s time we start updating the site!

I don’t even really know where to start ... and most of the visitors to this site have probably seen either our newsletter or Kickstarter updates.  At the very least, I think we’ll start translating all KS updates onto this site.  I’m also putting a strict at least one post quota per week on this site.

I think we are also going to relaunch our pledge site (it actually never left, it was just left unlinked).

We also have some new people starting to work with us in the very near future and we’re very excited!

So maybe we should post something ... how abouttttt, a layout of a teensy portion of the character creation system we’re working on?  Lazrool is doing some pretty incredible and hilarious stuff with it!

Alright time to stop sucking with our updates!  The next one is gonna be a doozy.

Posted 10 years ago