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We fixed Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden!

It’s been 6+ years but we’ve finally updated Barkley 1. Why you ask? Well Vinceborg’s eye laser, while being OP A HECK, had a sound effect that was much much much too short. So, on some machines, running a certain version of the sound library that was built in, and then only some of the time, a memory glitch would crash the game. The error was difficult to fully diagnose, and reared its head gloriously during the Awesome Games Done Quick event we did a few months ago. Check out what happens when Barkley performs the Chaos Dunk at the end.

Anyways, we remedied this by simply extending the length of the sound effect so that it doesn’t repeat over and over and then also putting in a check to make sure that any sound doesn’t get spammed to play multiple times simultaneously.

So there you go, 6 years later.  Barkley works.

Get your fix here.

Posted 9 years ago